"You are just in time for lunch...OUR LUNCH—that is!"
—The witch to Amelia[src]

The Witch is a minor character, who appears briefly in Amelia's Moving Pictures. She might be a cafeteria worker for Pioneer Elementary School, or just a character made up by Amelia. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Amelia's first day of schoolEdit

On Amelia's first day at Pioneer Elementary, Amelia happens upon a room that the witch is in. Amelia being nervous, pictures her as a witch, ready to eat Amelia. Needless to say Amelia quickly had shut the door, and went in search of Mr. Nudel's room.

Later lifeEdit

It is unknown if she continues to work at Pioneer Elementary or not.

Physical appearanceEdit

The witch's hair, and eyes are both a bright shade of green. Like most witches, she wears a long dress, and a pointed witch's hat.