The Very Nasty Girl and Her Awful Fate
Story information
Authors Amelia
Illustrators Amelia
Written in Amelia's Bully Survival Guide (object)
Subject Mean girls; Hilary

The Very Nasty Girl and Her Awful Fate is one of Amelia's many stories, and is featured in Amelia's Bully Survival Guide. Amelia wrote this story about Hilary, who was bullying Amelia at the time.


Once there was this mean girl who nobody liked, her name was Nasty Nelly. She got no presents on her birthday because even her parents hated her. (And she had no brothers or sisters because she was so horrible her parents didn't want to risk having another kid like her.)

One day she got a package in the mail. She was so surprised, she opened it right away. It was a box of chocolates, the fancy kind. She stuffed her face with them. Unfortunately for her they were POISON! She kneeled over and died, and no one bothered to come to her funeral. Even the grass can't stand to be near her- it turned brown and died. The other graves stayed far away.


Nasty NellyEdit

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