"Who do you think you are to talk to me like that! You let me pass by NOW!"
—Sara to the bully.[src]

Sara is the mother of Patience, Frank, and Lucy, and the grandmother of Amelia, Cleo, and Raisa.


Early lifeEdit

Sara was born the oldest of four sisters to her mother, and father.[3] She grew up with her younger sister, Edna. Her other sisters could be, Bertha, and Bea, and she could have two brothers, Leroy, and Myron.

During the Great Depression her father had lost his job as a engineer, and was forced to become a janitor. The family reasonablely went through a drastic change in pace.[3]

One day, when her mother was sick at home, Sara had to go out, and buy some bread for soup. Sara held on to that coin with her life. However, a boy came along, and tried to bully her into giving him the money. Sara was scared of him at first, but became greatly angered by him. She yelled at him to leave her alone, and he ran away. Sara bought the bread, and the family had a nice dinner that night.[3]

Later lifeEdit

Sara got married to her husband with whom she had three children, Patience, Frank, and Lucy. Her daughter, Patience went on to marry Quentin Solokovansky with whom she had two children, Cleo, and Amelia. Lucy adopted one child from Russia named, Raisa whom Sara most likely never met.

Sara died sometime, when her granddaughter, Amelia was young.


After, being told the bread soup story by her mother, Amelia was eager to read Sara's diary. Amelia felt a connection with her grandmother, even though Amelia barely remembers her. Sara's son, Frank found the diary, and sent it to Amelia.[3]



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