Quentin Solokovansky[1] is the father of Amelia, Cleo, and George, and the husband of Clara. He first appears in Amelia's Family Ties.


Early lifeEdit

He was born to his mother and father, and grew up alongside his brothers, Harold and Jerome, and his sisters, Marta and Julia. As a child, Quentin, like his daughter, Amelia, wrote in a notebook. [2]

Early adulthoodEdit

Quentin married Patience and had two daughters with her: Cleo and Amelia. However, the marriage was strained by Quentin's job.

After a terrible divorce, Patience and Quentin, no longer wanted to see eachother. He thought it was best to disappear from Amelia's and Cleo's lives.[2]

Marriage to ClaraEdit

Quentin lived in Japan for ten years, working as a newspaper reporter. He decided to move back to America and settled in Chicago, Illnois.

Sometime after this, he met his wife, Clara. They married and had their son, George.