Pioneer Elementary School
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Location Oopa, Oregon
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First appearance Amelia's Notebook
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Pioneer Elementary School is a primary school located in Oopa, Oregon. The school teaches kindergarten[1] through fifth grade, as well as many other subjects. Ms. Bell is the school's current principal.


Early historyEdit

Pioneer Elementary most likely had many students before Amelia. Some of Amelia's classmates might have started at Pioneer since kindergarten.

Amelia's fourth grade yearEdit

Amelia joined Pioneer Elementary School in the middle of her fourth year of education. She was taught by Mr. Nudel, who she enjoyed. Other students in her class were Franny, Amy, Eli, Jenna, Franklin, Mario, Melissa, Mia, Max, and Leah Cox.

School fireEdit

During Amelia's fourth grade year, the first and second grade rooms were set on fire. The arsonist had set the school on fire in protest. He was later caught, and charged with the crime.

Slowly, the classrooms were rebuilt. In the meantime, portables were set up to replace the classrooms. Before, the workers started to pour in the cement, Amelia had a idea to put tiny treasures in the wet pavement. Her teacher, Mr. Nudel loved the idea and cleared it with the principal before acting on it. Every teacher and student brought something the next day to put in the pavement.

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