Patience[2] is the mother of Amelia, and Cleo. She works as a aerospace engineer with a good friend of hers, Corrine.


Early lifeEdit

Patience was born to her mother, Sara and her father. She grew up alongside her brother, Frank, and her sister, Lucy.

School lifeEdit

During her years at school, she had to take Poise class. Only girls had to take it, and they were taught cooking, and sewing. They were also, graded on their fingernails, Patience did not pass the cuticles.[3]

Early adulthoodEdit

Patience met and married, Quentin Solokovansky, and together they had two daughters, Cleo, and Amelia. The relationship lasted for a few years, however Quentin needed to travel often for his job, which was putting a strain on their marriage.

After, the divorce neither wanted to see eachother. Quentin went to live in Japan for his job, and they both had no contact for years.[4]



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