Oh Boy, Amelia!
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date September 2001
Pages 38
ISBN 9781584853305
Book in series 13
Preceded by Amelia Tells All
Followed by Amelia Lends a Hand

Oh Boy, Amelia! is the thirteenth book published by American Girl for Amelia's Notebooks.


This notebook is dedicated to Elise, who came first and paved the way—thank you!


Cleo starts acting strange, now that she has a boyfriend, Oliver. At first, Amelia thought Cleo made him up, until Oliver came over to help Cleo with a science project. What is strange about that is that Cleo is actually good at science, so why does she have to act dumb around Oliver?

Amelia answered the door the next time Oliver came over. He patted her on the head, making Amelia feel like a dog. Which reminds her of all the things that adults do to make children, feel even younger than they are. For example, pinching your cheeks, and talking as if you are not there.

Soon, Cleo comes to greet him, and glares at Amelia. They both went to work in the kitchen, and Amelia decides to make a smoothie. She crushed the ice in the blender, making a loud noise, which irritates Cleo. By the time, Amelia was done, Cleo was extremely mad, making Amelia decide to go drink her smoothie in her room. But, not before daring to talk to Oliver.

Oliver leaves, and Amelia finds out why he is helping Cleo. He has a project in the state science fair, making him even better, than Cleo at science, and he asked her to go to the awards ceremony with him.

The next day, Amelia starts a Life Skills class at Pioneer Elementary School. The class is taught by Mr. Bipka, he is teaching them to sew, cook, carpentry, and bicycle repairs. This reminds her mom of when, she went to school, and had to take a Poise class.

At dinner, Cleo acted polite, and almost dainty. Both, Amelia, and their mom are amazed, since Cleo is usually almost rude, while eating. Amelia decides to find out why she is spying on Cleo. She overhears, Cleo talking to Gigi about Oliver, finding out that Cleo is eating lunch with him. Also, there is a dance at Cleo's school that Cleo hopes to go to with Oliver.

In Amelia's Life Skills class, the first thing they are learning is to sew. One good thing is that Carly, and Maya are in her class. Out of all the sewing projects, Amelia choses a jumper, Maya a pleated skirt, Carly a vest, Charisse a blouse, Brandon a messenger bag, Moe a duffel bag, and Max a Halloween costume.

Amelia is not a huge fan of sewing, making her wonder what defines a "girl thing," and a "boy thing." Oliver comes over, and Cleo is acting more like a "girl" than ever. When, Amelia questions her about this, Cleo just tells her to mind her business.Amelia confides in her old best friend, Nadia Kurz through a postcard.

During Life Skills, Amelia has ruined her zipper three times, while Charisse is almost finished. Charisse would be done, but Max keeps on asking her to help him with his costume. Amelia asked Carly for help, but she refuses. Meanwhile, the only person not sewing is George, who claims it to be to "girly." To make George feel better, Mr. Bipka announced a new project with tools.

Cleo continues to act like a "girl," which makes Amelia wonder if she will act that way, when she grows up. Oliver comes over, and Amelia conspires secretly to get him to invite her to the state science fair.

They start the new project, which is revealed to be making clocks. Amelia's jumper however, is not finished yet, but finally Carly says yes to helping her.

Amelia has finished her jumper, but Mr. Bipka reveals something terrible. Everyone in the class is to model their clothes in a fashion show, and at dinner Cleo made fun of Amelia about it.

Cleo also has a big announcement, she is going to the dance, and the science fair with Oliver. Originally, Cleo was going with her best friend, Gigi to the dance. They were going to sing, and dance together up onstage. Instead, they practiced dancing, since Gigi understands Cleo picking Oliver over her.

Nadia's postcard arrives, and Amelia finds comfort in it, and decides to get better as she grows into a teenager. Sewing is worser than ever though, Carly tries to make her feel better about it. But, Max insults it, saying that Amelia should wear his Frankenstein costume with it. When, Amelia snaps at him, Charisse defended him. At least Amelia has finished her clock, and already has a science idea to impress Oliver.

In class, Mr. Bipka tells everyone that one person has to be an announcer, and will not get to model. Luckily, Amelia got to be it, and the fashion show was fun, and everyone had a great time.

Now, Amelia plans on showing Oliver her invention the Egg-O-Matic. She shows it to him, and on accident the egg cracked right on his face. Amelia was sent to her room by her mom, and Oliver went straight home to clean up. When, Cleo came out of the bathroom she was practically breaking down her door she was so mad.

The next day, Amelia apologized, and Cleo told her all about the dance. Cleo ended up going to the dance with Gigi, and they performed onstage just like they were planning to. Oliver came up to her at the dance, and told he had liked her singing. He, and Cleo, even wanted Amelia to come along to the science fair. Amelia turned it down, and promised Cleo that she will go there, when her own project is in the fair, and that Cleo will be her guest.




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Oh Boy, Amelia!
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