My Notebook (with help from Amelia)
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date March 1, 1997
Pages 48
ISBN 9781883672478
Book in series 3
Preceded by Amelia Writes Again
Followed by Amelia's Are-We-There-Yet Longest Ever Car Trip
"It's YOUR notebook!! I can't wait to see what you make!"
—Amelia on the cover

My Notebook (with help from Amelia) is Amelia's third notebook and was first published by Tricycle Press in 1997, and American Girl in 1999. There are a lot of blank spaces for the reader to draw, and write in to make it their own.


This notebook is dedicated to Elisa Kleven because she writes and draws way cooool! (and she's great with scissors)


Starting outEdit

Presented as notebook for the reader with help from Amelia along the way. The reader can fill out the schedule, and put their name on the title page, and cover. Amelia's lists her Saturday schedule to be television all day long.

The reader can chose to write with pencils, draw with markers or crayons, or they could can paint. Additionally, they can use stickers, or stamps. Since it is their notebook, they can do whatever they want.

This also, means that the reader is the boss of their notebook. So, if anyone besides the owner is reading they should stop or the evil eye will haunt them forever. The reader can fill out their name again, and now follow on to the next page.

Writing tipsEdit

The reader can write about things they like or make them feel good. Things Amelia likes are the smell of cinnamon, finding money, comic books, pumpkin pie, Halloween, a cool breeze, and the last piece of cake to name a few.

Next they can write about things they hate. Some of the things Amelia hates are shoes that hurt, shots, torn comic books, people who write in library books, mosquitoes, and relatives who like to pinch your cheeks are just of few of them.

Amelia's secret recipe for better writing is to add plot, and a bit of description. Amelia writes mostly about how she feels, what she is thinking about, also she likes make up stories. To Amelia writing is like cooking, just putting together something, and hoping that it turns out good.

Amelia also, enjoys drawing, and letting the pictures do the talking. Amelia writes a few sample sentences to help the reader write a interesting story.

The reader should try to make up some characters like Amelia's sample characters, Belinda Sue or Henry, or you can even use some well known ones, like Frankenstein. When, you write about a character put yourself in their shoes, imagine what it must be like to be them.

When, the reader is ending a story they should make up a few different endings. Amelia has even given you some freebies about a dog, another about a bird. Now Amelia cannot wait to read your story at bedtime with a flashlight.

Drawing tipsEdit

Back to drawing, sometimes hair can be difficult, so practice with the examples Amelia has given you. Someone is even waiting to catch a glimpse of your drawing, and Amelia's teacher, Mr. Nudel approves also.

Now the reader can help add to the gross food page, Amelia has gotten you started with liver, caviar, and stinky grown-up cheese. Even, Cleo cannot wait to see your story, only with your permission of course.

Amelia is having writing this notebook with you, and sends a postcard to Nadia Kurz all about it. Nowthe reader can try their hand at writing their own postcard, and designing their own stamp.

The reader can practice their rhymes with the help from Amelia. To Amelia somethings remind her of other things, Amelia remembers the time she threw up in her grandfather's new car. Now she thinks of the throw-up smell, whenever she is in a new car. That is kind of like poetry for Amelia, how her mind goes from one thing to the next.

Amelia writes about your dreams often, so the reader should also, and how happy or scared they make them feel. Next they should think up a comic strip like Amelia, and draw it.

Time for another notebookEdit

Now it is the end of the notebook, and Amelia predicts that the reader will make many more notebooks. Now is the time to fill out the useful information.


See alsoEdit

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