Max is a classmate of Amelia's throughout elementary and middle school. His parents are currently divorced and he splits his time between them. He is currently an 8th grader at Oopa Intermediate School.[1]


Elementary SchoolEdit

In elementary school Amelia is very fond of Max because he has freckles all over his body so Amelia writes a page about him in her notebook that he could probably do connect the dots on his body. Later in the year on Valentine's Day Max gives a secret admirer valentine to Amelia. Amelia doesn't actually 'like' Max so she finds a way to turn him down without hurting his feelings. Before Amelia tells Max she doesn't feel the same way Max tells Amelia it was meant for Charisse she is relieved.

Middle SchoolEdit

He also goes to the same middle school as Amelia as well as other elementary school classmates of Amelia's. Max is now seen as a noisy 'bad' kid. At lunch he enjoys spitting spitballs with Omar which lands them both in detention with Amelia and several other students.



  • He has an older brother named Kevin.
  • He had a crush on Charisse since 5th grade.
  • He likes detention.
  • He enjoys spitting spit balls.
  • He sometimes teases Amelia