Leah Cox[3][4] was the first friend Amelia made in Oopa, Oregon. She is introduced in Amelia's Notebook. She is currently in 8th grade.


Elementary schoolEdit

Leah has lived in Oopa, Oregon most of her life. She attended Pioneer Elementary School and was in Mr. Nudel's class during fourth grade. Later that year, she became good friends with Amelia. Amelia also invited Leah to Space World for Amelia's birthday. Leah and Amelia's friendship was threatened when, Leah asked to see Amelia's notebook. Amelia was at first uncomfortable with that, but compromised. Instead the two wrote a story together in the notebook. They continued being friends right up until the summer before fifth grade.

In fifth grade, Leah and Amelia's friendship grew farther and farther apart when Leah started fifth grade in Mr. Reyes' class. That year Leah became good friends with a girl named, Gwen.

Middle schoolEdit

In 6th grade, Leah starts to become more closer to Amelia again after Carly befriends Maxine. She is noted to also receive Maxine's notes, and she, Amelia, and Maxine's other victims plot revenge. During 7th grade Leah is still friends with Amelia. Leah begins to take an interest in boys as well as Carly. She gets asked to the 7th grade dance by a boy named Kip.

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Physical appearanceEdit

Leah is shown to have pale strawberry blonde hair in earlier books, but in later books, her hair is noticably darker, seeming more red than blond. Also, her hair is slightly shorter in later books, hinting she gets haircuts more frequently now. Her eyes are brown. She usually has her hair clipped back. 

Personality and traitsEdit

Like Amelia, she is a good artist and is left-handed. She is also showed to be intelligent and friendly.



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