Justin is Cleo and Amelia's second cousin, and a teenage boy with short black hair like Cleo and Amelia, except his hair is even shorter. When Cleo visited her dad for a week, is when she and Justin became friends. When it came to the reunion, Cleo was very excited to meet him, for she knew he was coming. Amelia started to know about him after noticing Cleo taking out some of Justin's emails he printed. Marta, Cleo and Amelia's aunt, mentioned that Justin was looking forward to the reunion because of Cleo, making Amelia jealous of her. Justin is also the same age as Cleo, which makes sense. But later on, Amelia's cousin Tara explained that he is her half brother, and also explained that he fights with her a lot, he hated Marta, and how peaceful it was when he left. He then was seen by Tara, kissing Cleo in the barn. It is unknown what happened next, but Marta was mad when she saw.