"Now kids, I want you to be all ears."
—One of many of Ms. Jenko's expressions.[src]

Ms. Jenko is the physical education teacher at Pioneer Elementary School.


Work as a teacherEdit

Ms. Jenko started working at Pioneer Elementary as a physical education at a fairly young age. She taught Amelia and her classmates during their fourth, and fifth grade year.

When Pioneer Elementary was set on fire, she contributed to the wet cement, and had put in a whistle, like most of the other teachers.

Later lifeEdit

Ms. Jenko may still teach at Pioneer, however this is unconfirmed.

Physical appearanceEdit

"Ms. Jenko, the PE teacher. She's pretty and chews gum and says, "Come on gals, let's move thoses tushes.""
Amelia's description of Ms. Jenko[src]

Ms. Jenko has blue eyes, and blonde hair, which she typically wears in a ponytail with a bow. Also, she has freckles, and appears to wear makeup. Like most physical education, she wears sweatshirts, and a whistle around her neck.


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