Jane, who preferred to be called Rainbow, was Amelia's counselor at Camp Runamuka. She first appears in the magazine story, "Camp Runamukka".

She works alongside, Jolene in Redwood Cabin. The two are opposites in personality, but still appear to get along.


Jane became a camp counselor at Camp Runamuka, sometime before Amelia and Cleo arrived there. She was head of Redwood Cabin with Jolene.

Physical appearanceEdit

Jane has blonde hair with a single braid, and wire glasses over her light blue eyes. Like many characters in Amelia's Notebooks, she has the "faucet" nose. She wears a plain green t-shirt, while at camp.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jane personality goes along the lines of a hippie, evidenced by her spirit name "Rainbow" and her interest in astrology. Her other interests include, aromatherapy and computers. Amelia is later inspired by Jane's spirit name, and makes a spirit name finder in Amelia Tells All.