George Solokovansky is the son of Quentin, and Clara Solokovansky, and the half-brother of Cleo and Amelia. He first appeared as a baby in Amelia's Family Ties.


Early lifeEdit

George was born to Quentin, and Clara Solokovansky, and lives in Chicago, Illinois. He most likely, spends a lot of time with his cousins that also, live in Chicago.

Meeting his half-sistersEdit

George was six months old when, he met his half-sister, Amelia. Being just a baby, George quickly started to like Amelia. She spent quite a bit of time, helping take care of him for her dad, and stepmother. By the end of the visit, George was already a part of Amelia's world.

He ment his other half-sister, Cleo next. They most likely got along well, since they were happy to see eachother over a year later.



  1. George was six months old when, Amelia first met him, and by the family reunion in Dallas he was two.