Eli is a minor classmate of Amelia's. He is expressive with his hand gestures, when he talks to others.

In both his appearances he has reddish hair, and brown eyes, and often wears sweaters.


School LifeEdit

He was in Amelia's class in fourth grade class at Pioneer Elementary School. Amelia mentions his hand gestures, in her notebook. She makes a point to say that they are very expressive, and that he waves them around a lot at recess.

Amelia makes up a game called Finger Play in her boredom survival guide, which is inspired by him after she saw him making his hands interact together at recess.

Later LifeEdit

Eli is not mentioned again, and not much is known if he went on to the same middle school as Amelia.



  1. Most likely the same age as Amelia during his appearances.