General Information
Usage Cooking eggs
Made by Amelia
Owner(s) Amelia
Series Information
First appearance: Oh Boy, Amelia!
Last appearance: Oh Boy, Amelia!

Egg-O-Matic is a invention created by Amelia to impress Oliver, so he would take her to the state science fair.


Amelia had the idea of making after, finishing her clock for Life Skills class, and built it using a ice cream scoop, spatula, dowel, and a frying pan.

The ice cream scoop is suppose to pick up the egg, which lands on the spatula. From here the egg drops onto the pan, one minor detail though is the shell gets mixed up with the egg.

Amelia made it intially to impress Oliver, when she shows him however it does not go exactly as planned. Oliver pulled the lever, and the egg cracked right on his face. He was so embarrassed he left, and Cleo was furious.

Oliver is impressed, and invited Amelia to come along with him, and Cleo to the science fair. Amelia declines, because she wants to get there on her own merit. She starts thinking of a new invention called, Egg-Off.