Cleo is a high school student and the older sister of Amelia. Her parents, Patience and Quentin, divorced while Cleo was still a toddler. Cleo moved to Oopa, Oregon with her mother and sister.

She and Amerlia have a typical sister relationship, in which they both annoy the other. Amelia characterizes Cleo as being impolite. Later, the two of them become closer.


Early lifeEdit

Cleo was the first child of Patience and Quentin Solokovansky. She was named after Cleopatra, an Egyptian Pharaoh.[2] Her sister was born about two years later. Shortly after Amelia's birth, their parents divorced. Quentin lost contact with his daughters for ten years.[3]

She spent her childhood in Barton, California, where she lived in a two-bedroom house with her mother and sister.

Life in OregonEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Cleo: "You guys talking about LIPSTICK? About ROUGE?"
Amelia: "Yeah, We were talking about you, how fake you look."
Cleo: "What's wrong with fake? Fake is good. Fake is beautiful. Let me guess—you're still sad about the dance and now you're thinking that if you had on some face magic, someone would've asked you to dance."
Cleo and Amelia about makeup.[src]

Cleo's hair is a dark brown that can sometimes appear black. She always wears it in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown.

When she gets older, Cleo begins wearing makeup often. Amelia comments the makeup makes Cleo look like a clown. Cleo also buys all her own clothes, nail polish, and makeup.

Personality and traitsEdit

Cleo can be described as the complete opposite of her sister, Amelia. Nonetheless, Cleo is a good natured girl.

Cleo causes Amelia a lot of embarrassment, mostly for her digusting habits. Most notably the way Cleo eats, she usually eats with her mouth open, and food often falls out of her mouth. Even though, Cleo often embarrasses Amelia, Cleo is rarely embarrassed by anything.



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