Clara Solokovansky is the wife of Quentin, the mother of George, and the stepmother of Cleo, and Amelia. She made her debut appearance in Amelia's Family Ties.



Clara studied at an unknown college to become a vetenarian. At some point she met, and fell in love with Quentin Solokovansky. They married, and had one child together, George.

Meeting her step-daughtersEdit

Clara met her stepdaughter, Amelia first. There relationship was rocky at the beginning, even though Clara tried hard, Amelia thought, she was just being fake nice.

There relationship declined further when, Clara made the mistake of reading Amelia's notebook. Clara meant well though, and the next day she apologized. Amelia felt she was sincere, so she forgave her.[1]

Amelia went home, and Cleo, came next. Clara, and Cleo got along exceptionally well, Clara even took her to where she worked to visit the animals. By the end of the trip that became, just like best friends.[2]



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