Cafeteria food
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Made by Cafeteria workers
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First appearance: Amelia's Notebook
"The surprise is that they call this edible."
—A student[src]

The cafeteria food served at Pioneer Elementary School and Oopa Intermediate School is notable for being unappealing to most of the students. Only one student has been known to like the cafeteria food, Melissa, who claims the food is a lot better than the food at her home.


At Pioneer Elementary SchoolEdit

Pioneer Elementary is famous for making Mystery Mush, also known as Mystery cassero
Mystery Mush

Mystery Mush

le. Most students believe that it is made with dog food, and stew[1]

Furthermore, the students call the potatoes, tater gems, the brownies, fossilized, and believe that the canned peaches are over fifty years old. Additionaly, they claim the meatballs to be golf balls, and that the rolls taste like cotton balls.[2]

To get away from the cafeteria food, many of the students bring their own lunch instead. When, forced to eat the cafeteria food, the students take many precautions. The bring extra clothes in case of spills, and they never eat anything that moves, or something they have no idea what it is.[3]

At Oopa Intermediate SchoolEdit

The cafeteria food did not get any better in middle school. They like, Pioneer Elementary are famous for their leftover hash day. Supposedly it is when, the cafeteria take all the leftover food from the week, and mix it all together. All the students warn eachother to bring lunch that day.[4]