Barton, California
General information
Notable residents Nadia Kurz
Mr. Kurz
Mrs. Kurz
Series information
First appearance Amelia's Notebook
Last appearance

Barton is a city located in California. Amelia's family used to live here before Amelia's Notebook, her best friend, Nadia Kurz still lives here along with her family.


Early historyEdit

Patience and, Quentin Solokovansky could have been born here, or either just moved here before or after they were married, or Patience might have moved here after their divorce. If they lived here together they would have eventually, had two daughters, Amelia, and Cleo.

Likewise to Mr. and Mrs. Kurz, they might have been born in Barton or, just moved here together. They settled down, and had a daughter named, Nadia. They raised her at 61 South Street, and still live there as of now.

Patience on the other hand continued to live there with her daughters, until Amelia was nine. At that point they sold their house, and moved to 564 North Homerest in Oopa, Oregon.

Amelia was sad to leave, but she was able to stay in touch with Nadia. They continue to write letters, and postcards, and occasionally email, and call eachother.


^: Former residents
†: Deceased residents
*: This resident's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown



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