"One plus one equals we two."
—Amy's best rhyme, according to Amelia.[src]

Amy is the twin sister of Franny, and a fourth grade classmate of Amelia. Amy and Franny were inseparable during elementary school, until they were put into separate classes in fifth grade.

Amy continued on in Mr. Reyes's class without her sister. The two may have went on to Oopa Intermediate School together.


School lifeEdit

Amy attended Pioneer Elementary School with her sister, Franny. They were both in Mr. Nudel's class in fourth grade. The two spent most of their time together, making up rhymes and other stuff.

She was separated from her sister in fifth grade, since Franny was in Ms. Busby's that means Amy was in Mr. Reyes's class.[2]

Amy may have went on to Oopa Intermediate School.

Physical appearanceEdit

Amy is portrayed with mostly with reddish brown curly hair, one exception is when she was portrayed with black hair. Typically her eyes are dark blue, except for one instance, when they were pictured as dark brown.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Amy shared the same silly personality with her sister. They often made up creative rhymes together. Amy was also nice to everybody and had a happy-go-lucky attitude.



"It must be great to be a twin. Then wherever you go, your best friend goes with you."
Amelia writing about her new classmates.[src]


Franny is Amy's twin sister and best friend. Amy and Franny are very close to eachother, and rarely go anywhere without the other. They went to same school and were in the same class during fourth grade

There may have been a rift in their relationship in fifth grade, when they were put in different classes. However, they probably made an effort to see eachother during recess or lunch. This division may have caused them to branch out, and make new friends.

Mr. NudelEdit

Mr. Nudel

Mr. Nudel

"I can't tell them apart, but Mr. Nudel can."

Amy's fourth grade teacher, Mr. Nudel was the only known person with the ability to tell Amy and Franny apart from eachother.[4] The two probably appreciated this, since most twins dislike being mistaken for the other. For the most part Amy got along well Mr. Nudel.


Amy and Amelia were not good friends, but they were nice to eachother while in the same class. Amelia also, enjoyed listening to her and her sister's rhymes.[3]


Amy seemed to get along well with her fellow classmates. She was not real good friends with any of them as far as most could tell.



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