Amelia Writes Again
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Owners Amelia
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Usage For Amelia to write her private thoughts, and feelings in.
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"Part of me wants to show it to her. But part of me doesn't."
Amelia on how whether to show Leah her notebook or not.[src]

Amelia Writes Again is the title of Amelia's second notebook, and is featured in Amelia Writes Again.


Early historyEdit

Amelia received this notebook for her tenth birthday from her sister, Cleo. Amelia had to make one promise that she would write one nice thing about Cleo.

She kept her promise, and wrote two nice things about Cleo. Amelia told her notebook all of her problems, including the fire at her school, and her fight with her close friend, Leah Feinberg.

The fight started when, Leah asked to she Amelia's notebook. Amelia was unsure of it at first, but decided on a compromise. After, writing A Good Luck Story in her notebook, Amelia asked Leah if she would write a story with Amelia. Leah loved the idea, and they enjoyed writing the story together.


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Amelia Writes Again
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