Amelia Writes Again
Amelia Writes Again
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date August 1996
Pages 33
ISBN 9781562477868
Book in series 2
Preceded by Amelia's Notebook
Followed by My Notebook (with help from Amelia)
"Moss may have her name on the title page, but this is really Amelia's book"

Amelia Writes Again is the second in the Amelia series of notebooks written by Marissa Moss. The book was first published by Tricycle Press in 1996, republished by American Girl in 1999, and last published by Simon & Schuster in 2006

According to Marissa Moss the school fire in Amelia Writes Again, actually happened to her. Unfortunately she did not have the opportunity to put treasures in the cement like Amelia.[1]


This notebook is dedicated to Liisa, because she liked the first one so much, and to Journal Writers everywhere.


Amelia's 10th birthdayEdit

Amelia has received a new notebook for her tenth birthday, and her mother took her to Space World with her good friend, Leah Cox. When, Leah saw Amelia writing in her notebook, and asked if she could see it, which Amelia is not so sure about.

Nadia Kurz, Amelia's old best friend sent Amelia a watercolor set, Leah gave her a charm bracelet, and her mother gave her a walkman. The biggest surprise is who, gave Amelia the new notebook, it was her sister, Cleo.

There is one catch however, Cleo makes Amelia promise that she has to write some nice things about Cleo for once. Amelia decided to write that Cleo has elegant hands, and Amelia wondered about all kind of hands, and how expressive they can be.

Meanwhile, Amelia is tries to do her math homework, but the numbers on the page kept distracting her. She imagined them all running across the page, soon she started to make up a story, and the numbers personalities. According to her, when this happens during a quiz, and she always ends up turning in what looks more like a alien map, then a quiz.

One more good thing about Cleo, Amelia decided was a game they use to play as children. The game is played by squashing a marshmallow in your hands, then throwing it at the ceiling. Next, you wait to see, which one sticks the longest, and try to catch it in your mouth. Amelia recalled a time when, they were almost caught by their mother.

Leah still wanted to see Amelia's notebook, but Amelia is not sure if she wanted to show her. In the mean time, Leah refused to talk to Amelia. Amelia felt as if she was fighting with herself on whether to show Leah or not.

School fireEdit

The next day, something horrible happened at Pioneer Elementary School, the first and second grade classrooms were set on fire by a protester. Amelia, the other students, and teachers are all devastated by this occurrence.

The school principal, Ms. Bell was the one that had to break the news to everyone. They took a tour of the burnt part, after Ms. Bell's speech. Ms. Rooney, a teacher is particularly saddened, over all the stuff she had lost in the fire. Amelia mailed her worries away to Nadia, and Leah forgot about Amelia's notebook, even Cleo is being nice.


The construction started, and Amelia thought of an idea to put tiny treasures in the new cement. Amelia asked Mr. Nudel, who asked Ms. Bell, and she agreed. Everyone contributed, Amelia put in a marker, Leah put in a charm from her charm bracelet, Mr. Nudel a noodle, Ms. Bell a bell, Mrs. Kravitz a finger cymbal, Ms. Jenko, and Ms. Rooney a lucky new penny.

Amelia saw Ms. Rooney smiled for the first time since before the fire. Even, greater news, Amelia came home to a postcard from Nadia.

School is starting to go back to the way it was before. The police caught the arsonist, who had set the school on fire for some unknown political reason.

Amelia wrote a story to show Leah about a lucky penny, since she still wanted to see it. But, Amelia had a even better idea. She decided to write a story with Leah, a story about two best friends. One has a secret, and just like Amelia he confides in his friend. Now everything is great again between, Leah and Amelia.


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