Amelia Works It Out
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date September 2000
Pages 40
ISBN 9781584850809
Book in series 10
Preceded by Amelia's Family Ties
Followed by Amelia's Easy-as-Pie Drawing Guide

Amelia Works It Out is the tenth book in Amelia's Notebooks.


This notebook is dedicated to Kathleen, a very hard worker.


Amelia wants to buy shoes, Lightscape/Nightscape. The shoes are solar-powered and feature a day scene in bright light and a night scene in low light. The shoes are the latest fad in Amelia's school, even her best friend Carly Tremain has them.

Amelia tries to have a business to earn money for the shoes. She tries to make a lemonade stand with purple lemonade, but nobody seemed to buy purple lemonade. She fixed broken yo-yo's of her elementary classmates. She tried to walk dogs, but instead failed at it, when one of the dogs, Rusty, broke a window and crushed flowers of a neighbor.

Finally, Cleo shares an idea with Amelia, suggesting that she could sell birthday cards at school because of her artistic talents. She gives in to the idea and sells various cards at school.

In the end, Amelia does not buy Lightscape/Nightscape shoes anymore. She buys an art kit instead, because of her artistic talent to draw and make cards.


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Amelia Works It Out
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