Amelia's old house
Amelia's Old House
General information
Location Barton, California
Notable residents Patience (formerly)
Amelia (formerly)
Cleo (formerly)
Affiliations Amelia's family (formerly)
Series information
First appearance Amelia's Notebook
Last appearance

The fomer house of Amelia, Cleo, and Patience. The house is located near Nadia's in Barton, California.


Early historyEdit

Patience settled in this with her family sometime before or after her two children were born. She may have lived in this house with her ex-husband, Quentin Solokovansky before the divorce.

Later historyEdit

Patience moved her family out of this house, when Amelia was around age nine. Amelia was the least excited about this prospect, since she was the most fond of the house. Nevertheless, they moved to Oopa, Oregon.

A year later, the family returned to Barton, and saw that the house is currently occupied by a new family. According to Amelia the house still looked the same, except for the toy tricycle in the front.