The grandfather of Cleo, Amelia, and Raisa, the father of Frank, Patience, and Lucy, and the husband of Sara.


Early lifeEdit

At some point in his adulthood he married, Sara. Together they had three children, Frank, Lucy, and Patience.

Later lifeEdit

His daughter, Patience had two children, Cleo, and Amelia. Sometime after Amelia was born his wife died most likely changing his life greatly.

Sometime after Sara died, he bought an Oldsmobile, which Amelia threw up in. After that he kept a plastic cover on the backseat for a whole year just in case, something else happened.

Later, his other daughter, Lucy, adopted a children from Russia named Raisa.

He presuambly continues to keep in contact with his family, and may live in a nursing home, or he could have died at some point since he was only mentioned once.




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