Amelia's Stationery Set
Amelia's Stationery Set
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Publisher(s) American Girl (formerly)
Publication date 1999
ISBN 1562478656
Book in series

Amelia's Stationery Set was distributed by American Girl in 1999. Includes twenty stationery sheets, ten envelopes, two sticker sheets, ten postcards, one marker, and Amelia's Tips.


Stationery sheetsEdit

Many of the stationery sheets previously appeared in Luv, Amelia Luv, Nadia. One is titled "What You Need Friends For," and has various pictures of activites that are often done with a friend.

Another has a border of stamps, featuring different inventions, such as Amelia's famous composition notebook. A different one acts as a game, where you match different people to their glasses.

The next one has Amelia's sister, Cleo, showcasing all of her different moods. The last one is titled "I'm Feeling a Bit Buggy," and has a border of bugs around it.


The envelopes, feature Amelia with a composition notebook border on the side where the letter is opened. On the other side is a word of caution that the letter is only to be opened by the recipient, and that a alarm will sound off if someone just breathes on it.

Sticker sheetsEdit

Two sticker sheets are included, the first of which features stickers fashioned to look like stamps. The other has stickers all shaped to be circles with various quotes mostly from Luv, Amelia Luv, Nadia, for example "Yours till the bunny hops!"


Includes ten postcards, the first is titled "Amelia's Postcard," and has Amelia holding up two letters, a composition notebook border with various items around her. Another shown was first in Amelia's Are-We-There-Yet Longest Ever Car Trip, has a picture of the restaurant, Happy Hamburger on it.

The next three were previously in Luv, Amelia Luv, Nadia, one depicts a comic strip with a character named, Power Woman. The next has a comic strip border around it, and the next has Amelia's comic, The Adventures of Power Pumpkin.

Amelia's TipsEdit

Ten tips by Amelia for better letters. Amelia explains that the reader should write about things that they care about, why, and give details.

The reader can also, write about things they are noticing instead of just writing about what they are doing. Amelia's example is how she always notices noses on people. Additionally they could write about their feelings, and why.

If the reader has heard a joke they should pass it on, Amelia remarks that funny is always good. Pictures to go along the story sometimes make the story more interesting, comic strips are good ideas, too.

Amelia also, advises to send little presents, such as stickers, or erasers. Two less tips Amelia gives are that if the reader wants the person who is receiving their letter to read it, they should write neatly, and that they should write back quickly, when they receive the reply.


Behind the scenesEdit

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