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Amelia's Reading Club is the current page for Amelia's Notebooks on the Simon & Schuster website.


Welcome to Amelia's Reading Club!
It's kind of like one of my notebooks, only online. There's all kinds of cool stuff, like a short animated movie (starring me, of course!), a poster for your locker that you can download and printout, and even some messages from my e-mail box.
So get clicking and have fun!


Amelia's Moving PicturesEdit

Main Article: Amelia's Moving Pictures

On Amelia's Reading Club, watch a short animated movie, starring Amelia. See, Amelia talk, and move for the first time ever. You will even hear Cleo sing!

Amelia's Moving Pictures was first released by American Girl on video cassette in 2001.

Amelia's emails from summer campEdit

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Amelia's details her summer at Camp Runamuka, through her emails to friends, and family. The events in these emails are thought to be set a year after, Amelia's Itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito.

Download, and read them here.

Write On!: Tips for your own terrific notebookEdit

Main Article: Write On!: Tips for your own terrific notebook

Tips by Marissa Moss on how to make your own notebook with help from Amelia.

Download it here.

More downloadsEdit

Additionally, to the emails, and tips, a free downloadable poster is available also. There are other listed things to download, but are not working at the moment.

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