Amelia's Notebook
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date February 1995
Pages 40
ISBN 1562477846
Book in series 1
Preceded by
Followed by Amelia Writes Again

Amelia's Notebook is the first of Amelia's many notebooks. It was first published by Tricycle Press in 1995, American Girl went on to republished the book in 1999, and Simon & Schuster republished it again in 2006 with a different cover.

Marissa Moss originally came up with the idea for Amelia's Notebook, when she was buying school supplies for her son. She saw a black-and-white composition notebook, and began to write and draw in it as if she was nine.[1]

Amelia's Notebook was previously published in a two-pack with Amelia Takes Command by American Girl. It was titled, "Two Out-of-This World Books", and included stickers and magnets.


This notebook is dedicated to Simon, who knows how to be a great friend, and to Journal Writers Everywhere.

Below a phone cord is dedicated to her son, Elias.


American Girl editionEdit

"A nine year old, a blank notebook, and a busy year—that's AMELIA'S NOTEBOOK"

Simon & Schuster editionEdit

"When Amelia's mom gives her a journal for her ninth birthday, Amelia has a place to share her truest feelings at last!"[2]



Amelia's receives a notebook from her mother, because her family is moving to Oopa, Oregon, and her mother thinks it will help Amelia to write down her feelings. They packed everything into one moving truck, and Amelia cried as she said goodbye to her old room, and house. Her sister, Cleo on the other hand is ecstatic about moving, mostly because she no longer has to share a room with Amelia.

They drove for three days to their new house. On the way, Cleo ordered the same thing at every restaurant they went to, a hamburger, and French fries, causing Amelia to tell Cleo that she is going to turn into a hamburger. Eating at resturants, and staying at hotels was the only good thing about moving for Amelia, also she saved matches from the restaurants, and soaps from the hotels.

The worst part about moving is Amelia missing old school, house, and her best friend, Nadia Kurz. They promised each other that they would write a lot of letters, and postcards. Amelia has already written six, and left her a going away present, matching beaded necklaces.

New homeEdit

They arrived at their new house, and after lunch at Burger Bob's the moving truck came. Cleo was excited to decorate, and arrange her new room, but Amelia was still sad about leaving their old home.

The next day, Amelia started school at Pioneer Elementary. She likes her teachers, Mrs. Kravitz, Ms. Jenko, and Mr. Nudel, and the other children in her class are nice. None of them are like Nadia though. And, the school lunch is horrible, all other kids like playing with it more than eating it, and there are rumors that they use dog food to make it. The only student who enjoys eating it is Melissa.

Amelia still keeps in touch with Nadia, every Sunday, they can call each other on the phone, Amelia even received a letter from Nadia telling her about the Young Authors' Faire, and that Nadia is learning to ice skate. This sparks an idea for Amelia, and she decided to write a story about a girl, who becomes a ice queen. Amelia does not think the story is up to part, and decided to try again some other time.

Cleo has already made a new best friend named, Gigi. Amelia described Gigi to be pretty, and that she has pierced ears, and notes that Cleo is the total opposite of Gigi, who eats politely, while Cleo just gobbles everything up. Cleo took a peak at Amelia's notebook, and saw what Amelia wrote about her. Cleo was angry, and Amelia took some extra precautions to protect her notebook.

Amelia is thinking of another story for the Young Authors' Faire. Nadia told her that she can enter the one at her old school as well as the one at Pioneer Elementary. Once Amelia started to write she got distracted by her hands, and began to wonder why hands are what they are.

Nadia had her tenth birthday party, and sent Amelia a party bag from it. It included a picture Nadia drew of the cake, a candle, a rainbow pencil, a ring, a ice cream eraser, and some stickers. Amelia called Nadia, and they talked all about, also Amelia sent Nadia a experiment kit.

After school, Amelia was drawing on the board, and was reminded of the time at her old school, when she drew a picture of Nadia on the board, and Nadia did not like it. Nadia said that Amelia made her nose look like a faucet. Amelia thinks that all noses look funny, and she lists all the noses people can have, including a witch's nose, and the infamous jelly roll nose.

New friendEdit

Leah Cox, a girl in Amelia's class saw her drawing, and invited Amelia to come over to her house. At Leah's house, Amelia, and Leah drew, painted, and colored many pictures together. Amelia's favorite was the one she drew that had herself, Nadia, and Leah having a picnic together.

Amelia finally wrote her story for the Young Authors' Faire. A story about a girl, who kept clouds as pets, and followed her to her new home, when she had to move.

Amelia's tenth birthday is coming up, and her mom told her that she can invite one friend to go with her to Space World, she asked Leah to go. Nadia called, and the made more promises to write, and draw to each other, and that she will save the experiment kit for them to do together.




  1. Marissa Moss Official Site
  2. Technically, Amelia did not receive it for her birthday, her mother gave it to her, because of the move.

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