Amelia's Moving Pictures
General information
Directed by Marija Miletic Dial
Executive producer(s) Rob Hudnut
Judy Woodburn
Marissa Moss
Character design by Marissa Moss
Storyboard by Marija Dial
Composed by Gerald O'Brien
Distributed by American Girl
ISBN 9781584851608
Release date March 2001
Running time 30 min.

Amelia's Moving Pictures is a short animated movie starring Amelia. It was based on Amelia's Notebook, but also focuses on events prior. The movie was released by American Girl on home video sometime in March 2001.

It is available for free to watch on Youtube, Marissa Moss's website, and Amelia's Reading Club. A preview of the movie was once available on Amelia's Desktop.


"I woke up and I remembered what day it really was. Moving day."
—Amelia when she woke up

Amelia's dream as drawn by her

Amelia introduces herself and describes the wonderful dream she was having just before waking up. She pictures a bright sunny day, she and Nadia are planning a story. However, the day has finally came, moving day that is, and she seems to be the only one not willing to leave. Cleo, her sister is absolutely thrilled to be getting her own room in a whole new place.

Amelia and Cleo eat breakfast, while their mom asks Amelia if she has packed yet. Cleo thanks her mom for the address book she received, and Amelia tries to comprehend why her mother only gave Cleo a address book and Amelia a notebook. Later Amelia is sitting on the kitchen floor and still has not packed yet. Her mom asks her again, while she is cleaning and sorting out what to keep or throw away. In the midst, Amelia stops her throwing away a chipped cup Amelia had made her. Amelia becomes annoyed and starts writing in her notebook about it.


The ripped poster

Amelia is in her and Cleo's shared room, when Cleo starts to take down a poster. The two argue about who is the rightful owner of the poster just before it rips. Cleo walks off and Amelia's best friend, Nadia comes over to help Amelia pack, and tries to cheer her up.
"Goodbye my room...okay Cleo's room too. It's still mine..."
—Amelia says goodbye

She and Nadia labeled all the boxes "Nucleur Waste" in hopes that the movers would not be able to move them. Nothing stopped them and Amelia tearfully says goodbye to her room and the various cracks in the walls. Lastly Amelia writes her name in the closet and leaves.

The road trip to the new house is long, and boring. Cleo often sings off-key, while chewing gum. The only brightside is when, they get off the road and into a hotel. Amelia writes a story about a ghost girl, who dies because her mom made her move and sends it to Nadia. They arrive at their new house, each sees the house differently, but Amelia is the only one who is not excited.

All three go into the house, and Cleo immediately calls dibs on her room. Amelia tries to call Nadia, but someone else answers and tells her Nadia is busy. Later that night, Amelia cannot sleep and goes to the living room. Amelia still has a hard time sleeping and begins a story, but never finishes it.


Mr. Nudel welcomes Amelia

Amelia wakes up and is dreading starting the day at her new school. She begins looking for Mr. Nudel's room, and gets lost. Finally, she finds the room and feels nervous at first. The class gives her warm welcome, and she feels right at home. At recess, Amelia is drawing in her notebook, when Leah goes up to Amelia and introduces herself. Leah invites Amelia over to her house to play with Leah's watercolor paints.

Amelia walks home after school, and finds a package from Nadia waiting for her. Nadia calls just as Amelia starts to open the package. It is a new poster for the two to color, when Nadia comes to visit. Surprisingly, Cleo also bought Amelia a new poster to say sorry about the old one.

Now Amelia feels she might get use to living in Oopa. To end the night Amelia writes her name again in the closet of her new home.

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  • Director - Marija Miletic Dial
  • Executive Producers - Rob Hudnut, Judy Woodburn, and Marissa Moss
  • Executive Producer for Sky Productions - David J. Corbett
  • Associate Producer - Mecedes J. Sichon
  • Supervising Producer - Mary T. Corbett
  • Line Producer - Michael Crabtree
  • Character Design - Marissa Moss
  • Story Editor - Susan Amerikaner
  • Production Managers - Lynda Haynes, and Andrew Leith
  • Production Coordinator - Morghan Fortier
  • Production Auditor - Shelly Anderson
  • Storyboard - Marija Dial, and Marissa Moss
  • Storyboard Cleanup - Vince Peets
  • Model Artists - Marcello Wilmot, Pat Knight, Jennifer Duczmal, Alexey Linkov, Dale Desrochers, Kevin Macdonald, Fabiola Filetti, Ken Madden, Masha Gorbankirimi, Konstantin Nikov, Pamela Pagayonan, Nedenia Rocha, Jennifer Sherman, and Scott Mitchell
  • Background Layout Artists - Bill Buzadi, Kevin Macdonald, Dale Desrochers, Ken Madden, Stephanie Fortel, Jennifer Sherman, Pat Knight, Scott Mitchell, and Marissa Moss
  • Layout Supervisor - Richard Pimm
  • Color Background Keys - Sean Branigan, Ken Nicholls, Robert Herd, Andy Tougas, John Hill, Vesna Mostavac, and Kate Shepard
  • Color Styling - Kate Shepard
  • Ink and Paint Keys - Dave Campbell, Vesna Mostavac, Fabiola Filetti, Jyan Oki, and John Robinson
  • Animatic - Daryl Henwood
  • Final Checking - Junga Kim-Wolf
  • Composer - Gerald O'Brien
  • Production Assistant - Kathleen Reichelt
  • Track Reader - Laurie Wetzler
  • Casting Coordinator - Randi Riediger
  • Production Coordinator - Diana Gage
  • Voice Director - Karl Willems
  • Recordist - Michael Iske
  • Assistant Recordist - Timur Kalyuzhnyy
  • Dialogue Editor - Michael Iske

Overseas animation & productionEdit

  • Director - Nelson Shin
  • Animation Producer - Nelson Shin
  • Animation Quality Supervisor - Kil-Woong Kim
    • Director - Sung-Chan Lee
  • Production Manager - Dong-Seok Kim
  • Animators - Hye-Ran Lee, Sung-Hyun Chun, Kyung-Bo Nam, Yong-Bae Won, Hae-Kyung Park, Yong-Moon Kim, Yoon-Sung Lee, Byung-Chun Kim, Jae-Hoon Shim, and Sung-Mok Jung
  • Digital Ink & Paint Control - Mi-Kyung Park


Amelia's Moving Pictures

Amelia's Moving Pictures


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