Amelia's Bully Survival Guide
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title Amelia Takes Command
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publication date August 1, 1998
Pages 40
ISBN 9781883672706
Book in series 5
Preceded by My Notebook (with help from Amelia)
Followed by Amelia's Boredom Survival Guide

Amelia's Bully Survival Guide was previously titled Amelia Takes Command by American Girl, and Tricycle Press. It is the sixth book in the series of Amelia's Notebooks and currently published by Simon & Schuster.


This notebook is dedicated to Nicole Geiger, a truly super editor.


When Amelia started her first day of 5th grade, there was a bully named Hilary. Hilary said so many nasty things to her. When Hilary kicked the back of Amelia's chair Carly Darrow passed Amelia a note saying to ignore Hilary. Amelia writes a story called The Very Nasty Girl and Her Awful Fate, because the girl in the story was like Hilary but isn't awful she just has problems and puts her anger into Amelia. After Amelia told Hillary that she shouldn't bug her. Hillary started crying in the playground, Alone.


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