Amelia's Are-We-There-Yet Longest Ever Car Trip
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title Amelia Hits the Road
Series Amelia's Notebooks
Publisher(s) Simon & Schuster
American Girl (formerly)
Tricycle Press (formerly)
Publication date January 1997
Pages 40
ISBN 9781883672836
Book in series 3
Preceded by Amelia Writes Again
Followed by My Notebook (with help from Amelia)

Amelia's Are-We-There-Yet Longest Ever Car Trip was previously titled Amelia Hits the Road, under the publishers Tricycle Press, and American Girl. It is the third book in Amelia's Notebooks, and is currently published by Simon & Schuster.


This notebook is dedicated to Brion, who always listened to my stories, and still does.



Amelia, and family are on a trip to see the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Yosemite, lastly they plan to go back to Barton, California to see Amelia's best friend, Nadia Kurz. For the trip, Amelia's mother has given her a new notebook. They have packed everything from cereal to paper bags for when, Cleo gets car sick.

Being in the same car as Cleo is obiviously something Amelia does not like. Cleo continues to sing off-key, burp, and paint her toenails. Their mother tells them to enjoy being together, but who wants to be close to Cleo, when she is car sick?

The day inches forward, Amelia, and Cleo grow tired of counting cars, and the liscense plate game. Luckily that night Amelia's mother allows her to sit in the front seat, while Cleo is sleeping. Amelia loved to be able to see all the stars, and the moon.

They stopped at Mel's diner the next day, and Amelia actually danced with Cleo to the jukebox. That night they stayed at Feeny's Motel. Cleo made Amelia laugh, when they found the toliet seat to be wrapped. Together, they went through the whole room, and left funny notes in the drawer. Amelia wrote postcards to her friends Nadia, and Leah Feinberg that night, and sent them in the morning.

Everyone is starting to get on each others nerves, and they are all tired of driving. When Amelia saw a sign advertising the Mysterious Place, she begged her mother to go, just to get out of the car. She said no at first, but by the time they saw the third sign, she finally agreed to go. They stop, but it turns out just to be a tourist trap. Cleo is the only one amazed, and she ends up buying some tarot cards.

Grand CanyonEdit

Amelia takes a nap and when, she wakes up they have arrived at the Grand Canyon. Amelia's thinks that it is amazing, the same cannot be said for Cleo. It was to late to hike, but Amelia, along with Cleo got to stargaze. Cleo even taught Amelia a few constellations.

The next day they hike up Kaibob Trail to get to Cedar Ridge. Cleo was complaining the whole time, so Amelia walked ahead. On the trail, Amelia met a boy named, Mako, who is from Japan. They exchanged addresses to become pen pals. Later, at the gift shop, Amelia purchased two dolls to give one to Nadia, and some colorful rocks for Leah, and sent them both postcards. Cleo bought a pair of dreamcatcher earrings for her best friend, Gigi.

Everyday of the trip seems as if Amelia is going back in time. Take the gas pumps for example, Amelia states the old pumps have personality unlike the ones we have now.

Death Valley, Manzanar, and Mono LakeEdit

On their way to Death Valley, they stop and have a picnic at a ghost town. There Cleo found a bone that she plans to discover it's secrets with a Ouija board. They arrived at Death Valley, and visited Scotty's castle, and observed the scenery. It is so hot though, Amelia can barely stand to be outside for to long.

Just outside of Death Valley, they found a camp for war prisoners called, Manzanar. It is where they kept japanese-americans during World War II

Next, they stopped at Mono Lake, and are slowly starting to get on each others nerves on their way to Yosemite. At Yosemite, they ran around in Tuolume Meadows, hiked up to Lambert Dome, visited Bridalveil Fall, Half Dome, and El Capitan.

Barton, CaliforniaEdit

Soon they are about to arrive at Barton, worried Amelia writes two stories. The first story does not end happily, so Amelia writes another one. The second story ends a lot more happier than the previous one.

Finally, they arrive at Barton. They passed by their old house to find someone else living there, then they stopped at Nadia's house. Amelia is happy to see Nadia again, now Nadia has her ears pierced, and her braces have been taken off. Amelia gave her one of the dolls, and Nadia gave Amelia a notebook she had filled with stories to share with Amelia. Nadia, even saved the the Experiment kit, Amelia had sent Nadia for her birthday, for them to work on it together.

Amelia asked Nadia if she had changed, and Nadia answered back, "Yes!" Looking back Amelia decided she had changed, but then again some things never change.



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