Amelia is a middle school graduate.[3] She is the daughter of Patience and Quentin Solokovansky, who divorced when she was very young. Her best friend is Carly Tremain, and her close friends are Nadia Kurz and Leah Cox. Amelia enjoys writing and drawing, as well as science.

Amelia moved from Barton, California to Oopa, Oregon in the fourth grade. She attended Pioneer Elementary School until the fifth grade. She went to Oopa Intermediate School from the sixth to the eighth grade.


Early lifeEdit

Amelia was born to Patience, and Quentin Solokovansky about two years after her sister, Cleo. She was named after Amelia Earhart by her father, whom thought Amelia would become adventurous. Her parents divorced while she was still a baby. She and Cleo lost contact with their father.[4]

Amelia grew up in Barton, California. In kindergarten, she met her longtime friend, Nadia Kurz. The two of them remained inseparable for several years. They also dressed alike for Halloween, and shared their birthday parties.[5][6]

Life in OregonEdit

During the fourth grade, Amelia, Cleo and their mother moved to Oopa, Oregon. Amelia was extremely upset about leaving their home and Nadia. In response, her mother gave her a notebook to write down her thoughts. Amelia stayed in contact with Nadia through letters and phone calls.[6]

Physical appearanceEdit

Amelia has straight, shoulder-length black hair that sometimes appears to be dark brown. Her bangs fall just above her eyebrows. She has green eyes and fair skin.

Personality and traitsEdit

Amelia is shown to be nice, imaginative, creative, and caring throughout the series.