A Good Luck Story
Story information
Authors Amelia
Illustrators Amelia
Written in Amelia Writes Again (object)
Subject Good and bad luck
"Maybe when I have a story (if it's a good one), I can show my notebook to Leah."
Amelia before writing A Good Luck Story.[src]

A Good Luck Story is a short story written by Amelia in her notebook.


A girl found a penny, while walking to school. She named the penny, Pretty Patty Penny, and she had put in her pocket. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the girls pocket, and the penny fell out.

With the penny gone, she had no good luck at all. The girl, dropped her books in a dirty puddle, a tetherball hit her in the face, and at lunch she sat on a chocolate donut.

The penny was not having a good day either, a seagull tried to eat it, a dog almost pied on it, and a lady with heels on stepped on the penny. They both needed eachother to get their good luck back.

While, walking home from school, the girl's shoelace came untied. When, she bent down to tie it, there was Pretty Patty Penny. As soon as she had picked it up, their luck came back to eachother. Neither ever had bad luck again.



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The lead character of the story, she found Pretty Patty Penny. When, the girl dropped the penny, her luck had run out. She was portrayed with brown hair, and eyes.

Pretty Patty PennyEdit

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Also, called P.P.P for short is a lucky penny. The girl accidently dropped her, and they both had bad luck, until they had found eachother again. The penny is described to be pretty, shiny, and new.